From the Love of Wisdom... A New View of Being Human
From the Love of Wisdom... A New View of Being Human


The headlines from just this year scream out the need for SOMETHING that will help people be civil, kind, courteous, dare we say loving, with one another.  Senseless violence and murders throughout the world cause our brows to furrow as we shake our heads trying to reason it through.  Actions follow thoughts, and the thoughts preceding such terrible deeds torture the souls of the perpetrators as well as the victims, there are no winners in these events.

A New View of Being Human
was written to introduce the perspective that all people have dignity, accountability and significance.  This view shines a light on the strengths, the beauty, and the goodness possible in human beings.  Such perspective seems to be missing in relationships as if people have lost their moral grounding.  Can people change their minds, their attitudes, their actions?  Yes.  Every person is conceived with a power to take action in living life, this is the power of the ultimate yes or no, it is profound and the use of it can change the world.

This view of the human being forms the foundation of a new profession, the profession of kinlein.  This is the first book to be written by the first learners of the theory upon which the profession of kinlein is based.  

What is this new view of being human and why is it important?
The view: Being human is inextricably bound to four truths: 1) there is a common source for human life, a source universal for every human being regardless of ethnic, cultural and spiritual referents; 2) at conception each human being receives a power to take action in living life on a day to day basis; 3) a person can know self better than anyone else can know self; and 4) dignity is a quality inherent in being human.
Why it is important: This view contains profound implications for the way we humans interact with one another and for the way we conduct ourselves in all aspects of living our lives.  For example, if I acknowledge that I share a source for my life in common with all other human beings, I do not see myself as better or as worse than any other.  If I have "a power to take action in living life", then I can change, reinforce, or develop new attitudes and actions at any time and I am responsible for the results of those attitudes and actions. If I know myself better than anyone else knows me, then what I say about myself has significance and is worth another's listening.  Likewise, I will want to listen carefully to what others say about themselves for their words also are significant. If dignity is a quality of being human then I will respond to all persons with respect, the appropriate response in the presence of dignity. If I conduct myself from this perspective and interact with others from this perspective, a whole new light is shed on human beings in relationship. I am FREE from prejudicial or categorical restraints to be true to myself, to hold regard for others, and to live my life honorably.  It is a new view of being human.

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About the Pioneers of Kinlein

The first learners of Kinlein's theory are called pioneers because they glimpsed a goodness and potential benefit for people, they left established territory in search of a better way,  and they helped forge the frontier, in this case, the frontier of a new profession.

Each of the kinleiners named below had a part in developing the material for this book. Without the contributions of each one, the book could not have been written.

Grace K.F. Bates, M.S., CPK - Old Saybrook, Connecticut
Mary Bolin, M.S., CPK - Anchorage, Alaska
Ann M. Cameron, B.A., CPK - Waterbury, Connecticut
Karen Carpenter, B.S., CPK - Homer, Alaska
Claudia Fujinaga, A.A., CPK - Somerville, Maine
Mary Glynn, M.K., CPK - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sally Greene, CPK - Anacortes, Washington
Nancy Kohorn Henricks, B.S., CPK - Wausau, Wisconsin
Annette James, K.D., CPK - Hyattsville, Maryland
Jeanette Tedesco, Ph.D., CPK - Waterbury, Connecticut
M. Joanne Torrey, M.S. (Ed.), CPK - Superior, Wisconsin
Loretta Ulmschneider, B.A., CPK - Wausau, Wisconsin
Linda Waggoner, M.S., CPK - Anchorage, Alaska

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Excerpt from the Book

"This book begins with a mystery. Since a mystery is defined as something that cannot be fully explained or understood, this book will also end with a mystery....." Read more

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