About the Pioneers of Kinlein

About the Editors

Grace K.F. Bates holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Hawaii. She first became acquainted with the founder of the profession, M. Lucille Kinlein in 1978 while a graduate student. That same year, she began studying with the Founder and was certified as a Pioneer in the Practice of Kinlein in 1983. Mrs. Bates entered the profession with a rich background in practice, teaching and writing in another field. She had held faculty appointments at the University of Hawaii (Kapiolani Community College) and the University of New Mexico. She was a published author of several textbooks. After certification, Mrs. Bates opened the first practice of Kinlein in Hawaii. Currently, she holds a faculty appointment at the Institute of Kinlein, Hyattsville, Maryland. She has written several articles about the profession. She lives and practices in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Mrs. Bates is married and has one adult son.

Mary Louise Fenske Bolin put down her first roots in the rich farmland of Northwestern Montana then stretched out her branches in the breathtaking landscape of Alaska. She received a Master of Science Degree in Nursing from Montana State University in 1969 and promptly moved north. After a number of years teaching Community Health Aides in bush Alaska, she accepted a position with the University of Alaska, Anchorage, as Associate Professor. Mrs. Bolin began her study with M. Lucille Kinlein in 1979. She is certified as a Pioneer in the practice of kinlein through the Institute of Kinlein in Hyattsville, Maryland. Mrs. Bolin has been in private practice as a kinleiner for over 30 years. As an extension of her practice she has taught classes for the public on a variety of topics including communication, organizational integrity, and family relationships using the kinlein theory as a framework. She is at present on the faculty of the Institute of Kinlein and has written and published internally a number of articles pertaining to the profession.

Loretta Ulmschneider has had a lifelong interest in learning about ways to help people build on something that is already inside of them. She has a B.A. degree and was certified as a Montessori teacher. Her study of the theories developed by Lucille Kinlein began in 1981 and she was certified in the practice of kinlein in 1984. She has studied Kinlein's theory of teaching since 1993, and taught courses for beginning students. She is a faculty member of the Institute of Kinlein.